A crazy point of veiw

I couldn’t believe this jerk, here i was in the freakin spych ward because he happened to shoot of his mouth to my mom just because i had bought a little surveillance system, and set up the 7 cameras around my building. I mean it was his fault i was here. O.K and get this he wouldn’t even have been talking to my mom if-we- i had not been over at her house washing his clothes. Yeah yeah he would say i broke his machine by trading out his extension cord for my old one cause i needed it for the cameras and my little cord burnt up his washer, but he doesn’t care about my safety. If he did he would lock the freakin door at least five times but no more than nine before coming to bed. Then get this after leaving my apartment closed up for three weeks because he got me locked up he acted like he was some kind of angel for washing my clothes…what a selfish pr% k.
I mean he acts like he is my case manager instead of my boyfriend i am going to show his a % when he brings back the laundry tommorrow.

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