The Following Ficlet Takes Place Between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM

9:20:08 PM

This was child’s play. Jason realized that sensory deprivation was one of the more effective tools for breaking a prisoner and extracting information. Immobilize the subject to reduce the sense of touch, then cover the head to diminish the other senses. Several hours of this, and the prisoner’s mind was numbed and pliable enough to accede to any of his captor’s demands.

But Jason also knew his senses were not completely deprived, and if he could keep his focus on some stimulus he could keep his mind sharp and resistant to control.

Sight, sound, smell and taste weren’t of much use to Jason, with the bag over his head. That left touch, and Jason kept his thoughts on the pain in his wrists from the plastic zip ties biting into them.

Jason also looked within himself for stimuli, and found it from the thundering sound that echoed in his head and gave him confidence he could control this situation:

Cha-chung… Cha-chung… Cha-chung… Cha-chung…

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