Gossip: Hell to pay

Phew, it was a relief that he didn’t find out, but did he seem more relieved then me?

I saw him running up to me again. Oh no, not again!

“Hey Nicole, nice shoes by the way!” then he ran.

What? No! Did he just comment on my shoes? NO!

I saw Caitlyn talking to Emma, the queen bee, the ruler, the third most popular girl in the grade, Caitlyn’s best friend and unfortunately my worst enemy. When she started to walk up to me I felt my stomach churn. I knew there was hell to pay.

“Um, Nicole, I heard that you were spreading rumours of my best gal pal. Is that true?” The smirk on Caitlyn’s face was huge, it took everything in me not to slap her across the face.

“No it’s not true also it’s none of your buisness, so get your nose out of it!” I said. That was first time I had ever stood up to Emma. I felt so proud.

“Well, you better watch yourself, Nicole. We have a movie plan brewing, and the main character…is you.”

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