Gossip: Hottest guy on the Planet

Ughh! What ever, Emma! Anyways I have more and better things to deal with.

After school that day I biked over to Tim’s house. To my surprise Braedon was there. Wow this will be really awkward.

“Hey Nicole,”they both sat straight up. “What’s up?”

“Um, nothing much, were are your ‘rents, Tim?” I asked.

“Oh, they are not here, they are going away for a week. So why are you here?” he said.

“Oh, just came to chill out. What are you guys doing? Can I join?” I asked.

“Yeah sure. We were about to order pizza then jump in the pool. Maybe we should invite Jen and David over. What do you think?” Tim asked us. We nodded and started phoning people.

“Okay great, oh and bring an extra swimsuit.” I snapped my cell phone shut.” So is David coming?”

“No, he couldn’t. So Nicole when Jen gets here what do you propose we do?” Tim asked.


“I will get it, you two talk.” Tim said, leaving me with the hottest guy on the planet.

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