The Translator

He was on his umpteenth interview and the process had long become routine. The questions were cliché to Joseph, and he answered every one of them with the underlying premise that he was born to work that position.
“So Joseph, before we open the floor up to any questions that you might have, please tell us a little bit about what motivates you to succeed.â€?
“Well you see,â€? replied Joseph in a thick Polish accent, “I’m a born seller.â€?
But he really wasn’t. The only thing that Joseph was born to do was charm. He had an attractive aura that was his personality and it made everyone who knew him on a personal level crave his presence.
“That all sounds really great, briefly, can you give us an example of a time in your life when you took on a project and followed it through from beginning to end?â€?
What a stupid question, Joseph thought to himself. His pretreated generic answer flowed gracefully from his lips and his mind wandered onto less appropriate subjects.

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