The Thief (VIII)

“I’ll ask once again: who or what are you?” the thief said still holding out his knife.

“I’ve already told you thief, but I think you wish for names, not titles. I’m Walter and I represent the Cult of the Black Flames.”

So I was right, thought the thief. It is a cult. “And why did you go through the trouble of meeting me here?”

“Well, thief, we have a… proposition for you. If you couldn’t get this gem… well lets say you wouldn’t be up to the job.”

“I don’t think I’ll take it. I already have a job and three others waiting, plus -“

“We’ll pay you six times then what your making now.”

And the thief was making plenty already. “I’m listening.”

“Good. Come thief, or I will end your life here.” Then smiling he added. “Welcome to the brotherhood.”

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