The price of interrupting family time.

“98 miles getting warmed up” The tuxedo clad sports fan leaning against the fence mumbled while looking at his radar gun.
“Mr durheim?”
“Not interested beat it jerk!”
“But sir i have a proposition that i know your son won’t refuse”
“102 killin em now” said Von durheim after the 17 year old black adonis sent a blazing comet by an all state batter.
“OK, if i have to explain why we arent interested i am going to need the time it takes back, ok?”
The man reached for his wallet.
ha, 13 peices of silver huh Look i used to be..”
“I know you were an all american and you came out early to play for the yankees before your injury”
“Ok, and my Major before i dropped out to play?”
” Exactly,my son is going to harvard, that is why i am not going to let you sell him dreams, you know how a tiger kills? By getting Close. When a mind like his gets close to your kind, you try to fix him”
“No sir we”
“Ahh ahh ahh,i am gonna need that time back now, but dont hand it to me here lets walk .over by my car.”``

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