“Oh yes. It’s me.” The other girl and I were suddenly buffeted with air from the strokes of Wes’ wings as he settled on a perch I hadn’t noticed before. “Having fun?”

“Loads,” the girl said sarcastically, though I noticed she was slightly nicer to him than me. “So, how do we get out of here? Or do you want us to wait a while or-”

“How about eternity?” His cruel laugh nearly undid me. All I could think was it wasn’t Wes. It wasn’t Wes. “Oh, it’s me.” When he turned to face me I almost thought he softened a little. That he seemed a little gentler. However, that feeling disappeared as soon as I thought it. “If only you hadn’t been so infatuated with John. You might have noticed the war going on. You might have noticed the cards were changing.” Was that pain in his eyes? “No. It isn’t.”

“Wes?” I had meant it to sound fierce, couragous, strong for crying out loud! But it came out a little croak. A five year old’s cry to their mommy.

“Not anymore, dear.” Then he flew away into, well, nothingness.

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