Wake Up And Look At Me!

Jameson couldn’t believe his eyes, or his good luck. Becca was absolutely radiant. He had no idea Victoria’s Secret made lingerie so revealing. Becca approached him in her pink ‘Flyaway satin babydoll’ nightie, its plunging v-neckline drawing attention to her incredible assets.

She moved toward him slowly, as he bit his bottom lip in anticipation. He closed his eyes just before her lips brushed his own. And opened them suddenly as he realized that she’d slapped him. And hard.

“Wake up!” Becca shrieked, loud enough to wake the entire hall. “Wake up and look at me! I’m absolutely breathtaking! And I want my one-night-stand!”

Jameson smiled, still more than half-asleep. “Silly. You’re worth more to me than a one-night-stand,” he said, before passing out for good.

Becca only had a few moments to fume before all the Irish Car Bombs finally caught up with her as well. Too exhausted to make it to her bed, she ended up curling up next to Jameson on the couch, her head nestled tenderly in his comfortable arms.

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