Imagine Me

Imagine me standing next to him.
After a lifetime of serving him, & truly loving him, I can stand next to him.Just me & him. I can only imagine how his smile could be, a smile that would make my heart shine. Living in heaven with him, only a couple of mansions down from HIM . I could finally see all my loved ones that I lost when I was growing up, I see them all peaceful & without pain. Never seeing a sad face but happy tears, joyful people, no crime, pian or suffering. The perfect world, I can only imagine. With the roads of heaven paved in gold, everyone lives in mansions, everyone is doing what they truly want to do,& not living in sin. I think about me just admiring him. I can only dream now, how awesome and magnificent he is. Can you imagine standing next to him, just smiling. After talking to him and praying with him for all this time, to reach the end of your life, to see him and his son waiting for you? Smiling at you, making you cry happy tears that you’ve finally reached Heaven. Can you imagine?

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