The Golden Man (No, not an Oscar.)

Kamaria held her hands in front of her face to block the bright white light. She heard many voices, all speaking in a different language. “Hello?” she said. “Does anyone speak English?”

Then there was silence. As Kamaria’s bright green eyes adjusted to the light, she saw the large chamber full of vampires, their piercing violet eyes focused on her. Some of them looked glad to see her, others looked as if they wanted to kill her, and others seemed to think that she wasn’t worth anything more than the cockroach that skittered on the floor next to her.

Then, a man walked towards her. His long, blonde hair cascaded behind him in a cape of gold.

“Kamaria,” he said.

“Y-yes? Who are you? What language were you all just speaking? What’s going on?!”

The strange blonde man took her by the hand. “Come, follow me,” and he took her to a room made completely out of silver. “There’s something you should know,” he began.

“What is it?” she asked, utterly confused.

“It’s about Aedin.”

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