Lifeless Piano

She pressed down the lifeless black key. And listened to the hollow sound it screamed out. Sinking her deeper and deeper into despare. Nothing could make her feel 100% again. As she started pressing more and more keys she thought of the times when they would fight over which song they wanted to sing and play to. Now it was just her. Sitting alone; as empty as she felt the day he left her. Holding herself; wishing upon a star; blowing out dandilions, finding a four leaf clover; day dreaming; she tried everything. All she could do was sit selfless before the lifeless piano. Remanicing in all the days of laughter and excitment. Now shes just pressing keys down to make time go by, as she prays for him to return; and restart. Cause hes every happy key she can play. All she plays; is middle C. To feel like she was in the middle of it all. Not shoved on the outside with no one caring.

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