Gossip: Girly

“So, Braedon, I have a question, actually I have a couple.” I said.

“Go,” he said.

“Um, okay, well first of who do you like? Just tell me the truth, preferrably the straight answer.”

“Someone you would never believe,” he replied. I thought he meant me. Well that’s a good start.

“You know, I thought you were about to say Emma,” I said, subtley patting his shoulder.

“Second question, you know when you made that comment about my shoes… What was that about? Was that a dare? Were you lying or telling the truth?” I asked.

“I was being as true as I will ever be.” I looked around confused. Then Jen walked outside to the pool, she threw me the swimsuit. She had already changed and she jumped into the pool.

“Hey, watch out! Don’t get water on my new jeans. They are so expensive and it took me hours to find!” Braedon squealed. Everything clicked! The water, the jeans, the shopping, the shoes! I had a crush on the hottest girl-guy on the planet!

I gasped and everyone stared at me.

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