Jameson was the first to wake up. First he became aware of the painful crick in his neck, wincing even before he opened his eyes. Then he became aware of a numb sensation in his right arm, which he couldn’t lift for some reason. It felt strangely heavy. He tried lifting it again and met even more resistance this time. Then he heard a loud thump.


Jameson’s eyes flew open and he stared in amazement at the girl splayed at his feet, her nightie revealing scintillating glimpses of her body beneath the gossamer-thin fabric. Her eyes were glazed over and red with mascara smudges underneath her eyes, making her look vaguely raccoon-like. Jameson thought he’d never seen anything more adorable in his life.

“Becca, why are you on the floor?”

“Because you threw me onto it, dummy. Come and help me,” she grumbled.

Jameson reached down to pull her up and lifted her neatly into his arms, as though she were a doll.

“Hey, put me down!”

His eyes were strangely tender. Suddenly Becca no longer felt in control.

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