As the Colonel was there every day to bark orders and share embellished war stories, so the wonderful Peggy was there to provide us with daily news. Why she did it was partly sentimental, but mostly because our mission was closely linked to the events going on at home. Sometimes she would throw in a personal tidbit, like a happy birthday or an ace report card brought home by one of our kids.

But now they both were gone. The last we heard was that U.N. were behind closed doors negotiating the release of prisoners and the containment of nuclear missiles. This was all spurred by who had control of the oil. And that was purely financial.

When tempers flared, bombs were thrown, which not only destroyed the land and people, but threw huge amounts of dust into the atmosphere, altering the weather and decimating ecosystems.

Humans are too selfish to realize we are killing ourselves by killing our planet.

So my team is supposed to prove A) we can live out here, and B) experiment with ways to save Earth.

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