Which one? (poem)

Life is a maze,
Twisting and turning,
Like never before,
Always an open door.

So which way to choose?
So many ways,
Left or right?
New experiences waiting to happen.

A bud waiting to blossom,
A bird waiting to fly,
Life is a neverending,
Source of possibilities.

Leaving a door open,
A path you should take,
Opening your mind,
Travelling to the stars.

So now you must decide,
Which path?
Which door?
Which window?

All open for your discovery,
Twirling and winding,
Never stopping,
Ever challenging.

Take your time,
I’m along for the ride,

You will choose the right,
Path. Take it where you will,
I am there.
So, my question still remains,
Which one?

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