The Others-Failed Suicide

She stood in the middle of the street, arms out, hair flowing in the wind, eyes closed…and feet firmly planted on the ground. A car was coming straight for her, and she knew it. Annalese was trying to kill herself.

In her mind, there was no other choice left. She had to do this. The strangest part was, the moment was so peaceful. The cool gentle breeze felt wonderful against her skin. The sound of the cars passing by on either side of her seemed so serene. There were no doubts in Annalese’s mind about dieing.

The car was coming closer and closer, speeding now. It was practically up to her. Her heart began racing.

Annalese felt something run into her body.

...But it wasn’t the car. It hit her side, pushing her out of the way of the car, just as it was about to strike. She opened her eyes as she hit the concrete sidewalk. Her brother was standing over her, out of breath.

“Jared!” She screamed, “Why did you push me out of the way?!”

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