The Veruppa, Origins

Before we continue the beast’s tale, we must describe its creation.

Mechanister had toyed with the idea of a machine that was alive for many a year before he would actually attempt the feat. He would sketch it out, but most of the time the ideas would only sit in his head, bouncing, bobbing. Like balls in a raffle drum.

Brenda saw the sketches one day, and that was when the love affair began. She expanded on the ideas that her teacher created, and through experimentation, brought them to fruition. Twenty months, a (living) rat’s exposed brain and a motor later, Brenda had all but stunned Mechanister, as she taught the creature to start the motor whenever she tugged at its tail, and rewarded it with a pulse of bliss to its pleasure centers whenever it succeeded.

The creature was a beast now, and she straddled it between her legs. And starting engines wasn’t the only thing it knew how to do.

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