Out of Her Life

Jameson turned to face Becca then, his eyes full of so much hurt that Becca flinched, as if she was the one feeling the pain.

“First you spy on me and then you decide you want to have a one-night-stand based on some pictures? I thought you were better than that.”

Becca could only stare, feeling the pull of tears starting at the base of her throat. She willed herself not to cry.

Feeling like he was really on a roll, Jameson continued, “I mean, I know she’s crazy,” and he nodded at Sassy to make his point, “she kind of dropped some clues about that, but you always seemed so down-to-earth, so … sane.” Here he dropped his hands listlessly at his sides and gave Becca a crooked smile.

“Like I told you, you’re worth more to me than a one-night-stand. But I guess it doesn’t go both ways, huh.” After giving Becca one last, searching look, he turned to leave.

At this point, Becca was openly crying, rooted to the floor where she stood, unable to move or speak as she watched Jameson walk out of her life.

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