Blank Solus

I was the only one up. The sun was supposed to have risen two hours ago, but it was still pitch black. I was dying inside, for my fear that I would be the only one up for the restof my life. Sun! Solar! Solus! The name of the sun Faery ran through my head. I rushed into my room, pulling down the Faery Oracle, looking through the cards until I found Solus. It was blank. A scream escaped my chapped lips. I fell to the floor in tears. “No, no, no, no, no,” I repeated the negative until it had no meaning, and then some. I stood up, my head throbbing, and walked outside, staring at the starless country sky. This wasn’t night. Something happened to the Sun, in turn affecting Solus. I let out a cry of desperation. “Why?” My mind then went blank, my vision faded, and I was unconsious.

I sat up. I wasn’t dead. That was a miracle. I ran down the deserted country road, looking for one light on, screaming, “This has to be a dream!” But I never “woke up,” although I kept telling myself to. It was a living nightmare.

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