Exploding Brains!!!

“Hey, why are you still talking like that?”

“I’m not doing it on accident anymore. It was just fun.”

“Makes sense to me.”

They walked away and started talking about random stuff.

“I think my brain exploded.”

“Same here. It was still the awesomest night of our lives!”

“Drop it! Wait until we get to school next month and tell everybody!”

“What, are you crazy? They’ll never beleive us.”

“Little Gullible Jonny will.”

“So? He believes everybody.”

“Prove it.”

“Last year, when Bob came and said he got married, then divorced over the summer? Remember that?”

“Oh yeah. What horsehockey.”

“Jonny beleived that.”

“Okay, I get it. big deal.”

“I’m bored now. You wanna find the zombies or something?”

“Yeah, I’m bored too. Let’s go.”

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