Twin Tornadoes of Disaster

“You’re babysitting the Hughes twins tonight, right?” Jake asked, sitting comfortably on the couch.

His sister, Faith, sighed, almost in frustration, and ran a hand through her shoulder – length hair.

“How many times have you asked me that?” she said, stretching, almost like a cat.

“You know who the Hughes are, right?” Jake asked, a smile playing on his lips.

Faith’s jaw set dangerously, and sparks leapt from her electric blue eyes.

“Listen, buddy; if I hear one more horror story about the Hughes twins, you’re going to have it,” she warned, cracking her fingers.

Jake looked at the clock above the kitchen counter, and did some shooing movements with his hands towards his sister, ushering her out the door.

“Go on, go on, ‘Super Nanny’. I want to see how this will play out. Good luck with the Twin Tornadoes of Disaster,” he chortled, green eyes flashing.

Faith scowled at him.

“Sometimes…I really hate you,” she growled.

“I love you too, little sis.”

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