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You run amok in the old age home, grabbing whatever you can find that is worth some money.

You hear Bite cackling in a room. Looking in, you notice that he has decorated all of his body piercings with dentures looted from various old people. You stare in amazement at the denture, in a place of honour on his left nipple, which has a bright diamond embedded in the front gold tooth.

This is when you realize that you are robbing a ghetto old age home, and things might not be as easy as you think.

“Come on you bowl of ash-holes, see what ashz got for ya’ ” a wrinkley hollers, jumping out of a walk-in cupboard toting a large pump action shotgun.

She gut-shoots Bite, grabs her teeth back and replaces them in her puckered mouth.

She turns on you, and you notice the cavernous maw of the shotgun pointed in your general direction. You hear Bite whimpering. Do you:

Help your new-found comrade Bite and take on the old woman – Turn to page 24

Leave this jive-ass armed hussy alone man, she danga! – Turn to page 25

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