‘Well, you see,um…’
‘Just tell me already,’ Jordan sighed.
‘I saw it teetering and it looked like you would be crushed if it fell. So I came running and pushed you out of the way,’ I said brightly. I hope he believed me.
Jordan scrutenized me for a moment, then said,’If that were true then you wouldn’t have to have stalled.’
Damn. I shouldn’t fall in love with smart people anymore.
He continued,’However, seeing as i doubt your going to elaborate, I won’t question you anymore about it,’and with that he walked off.
‘Are you pissed at me?’I asked once I cought up to him.
We were quiet for a moment and then he burst out,’Why can’t you tell me!? I love you, but it’s been like this since the very beggining!’
‘What has?’
‘This!This constant lying and avoiding the truth.This isn’t the first time this has happened.’
‘Well, maybe some things are better left to myself.’
‘Well then maybe you should be left to yourself.We’re over.’

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