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You decide to taunt the police officers by not telling them everything you know at once. “I demand my wight to thilenthe” you bravely declare.

Just before you black out from the pain, you hear one of them snarl “Right to silence, how about the right to my right hook!” Pain erupts on your poor, abused face and you descend into darkness.

You wake up in a dark confined space, with a rumbling all around you. You are in a car trunk, presumably the police car. You hear the two police officers confer “Now we have to dispose of another body Jerry, you really have to keep your temper under control.”

“Well he thouldn’t have made fun of my withp!” Jerry counters.

The journey continues for an indeterminate amount of time, after which they make you dig a grave in the woods, shoot you in the back of the head and bury you.

As you shuffle off your mortal coil, you reflect on all that could have been.

You should have known not to irritate the po-po.

The End

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