Not exactly bill cosby.

“Today we join our hero as his son brings him and his beautiful wife breakfast in bed, everything is right in the world, and he is eating the wonderful meal of a man who has his life on track,”
“Please turn that crap off pat.”
“Dad it’s the Cosby’s, plus your leaving anyway.”
“That stuff rots your mind but i got some unfinished stuff at work, be back in an hour.”

The limo stopped outside las vegas, and von durheim peered inside the pit.
“God doesn’t care!”
Please let me out sir.
“look it isn’t you personally, it’s just your kind, open the top of that drum you are standing on.”
The crying sports agent opened it, and site of the burnt corpse with its curled hands and screaming smell, sent him tumbling down the rabbit hole.
“look i’m fair, i told you i would give you all night to pray and see if God loved you enough to save you, he’s a no show.You wanna know why?”
“Ask him yourself”
cshnk bang bang bang bang
rrrrinnng “yeah baby i’ll be home in a bit

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