Mike looked again at the portfolio of pictures, trying to find some indication of the model’s character from a series of photographs that while accomplished felt cold and empty to him.

It was getting to a point where all he did towards his goals was look at modeling sites on the internet and then fail to contact any of the models who piqued his interest. He would find himself initially hooked by a look, or a face, or a body, only to find that he could not imagine the model’s personality, or that based on their pictures he didn’t like them.

He knew that he had to get over this blank spot, that none of the models that he was dismissing so easily were actually bad or shallow people. Hell he had friends that also modeled and they were friendly, cool, creative people. There was just something slightly seedy and at the same time artificial about ‘choosing’ someone to shoot from a series of pictures on an internet site. It felt just one step away from picking a hooker and he did not relish that prospect any more.

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