A Very Fustrating Bus Ride (Nirvana reached!)

Texting, listening to my iPod at full blast, staring blankly out of the bus windows, all things I’d love to do now on our way to perform at graduation but I can’t. I can’t because there’s somethings I’d love to do more. Hold your hand, talk to you, look into your eyes and see my love reflected there. These are the things keeping me from doing anything else on this rather long bus ride. You’re so close its driving me crazy. All I have to do is reach over ever so slightly and there you are. I wonder what you’re thinking about. Probably thinking about something meaningless; super smash brothers brawl most likely, maybe baseball. There’s no chance that you’re thinking about me or the frustration you’re putting me through. How all I want is for you to reach over and grab my hand. Damn your hand is RIGHT there! Damn all these red lights. Just drawing out the time and my control. I don’t know how much more I can take before I break down and just tell you everything. How long until I force you to realize I love you.

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