My Time

I closed my eyes againt the night wind, then opened them once it had past. The stars twinkled as if to welcome me back to their world. I guess I should say my world, because this was the only world I knew. Night was my world. Night was the time when I could be who I wanted to be. Under the stars’ protection, I was free to live. I let the earth sift through my toes, letting a laugh escape my throat. The stars twinkled back their own laughter. I began to move my hips to the music that blew through the trees. I swayed back and forth, my hands above my head. I twirled around and around, the dirt clumping under my toes. I fell into the grass, and looked up at my friends in the sky. I didn’t have to tell them my thoughts, for they knew them all along. They knew my hurt and pain, the sadness that overwelmed my aching heart. They knew of the tears that streamed from my face everyday.Knowing how much grief it took me to speak of such. My body curved naturally to the ground,so at peace with the nature around me.

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