Even hangmen punch time cards.

“Hey are you there?”
“Yeah sorry my signal was cutting out.”
“so you sent the first three chapters, for real this time?”
“yeah Arrie i sent it, i swear.”
“Look Von this is serious the publisher has hired a lawyer, they are going to sue for everything,your business your house,it better be good or we are both gonna be broke.”
“That is fuct up Arrie i gave them two novels and they haven’t even realeased them!”
“Von, You can’t say you didn’t know they expected a book about baseball!”
“Man if i was white those would be best sellers!”
“Von if you were white you wouldn’t have got a contract in the first place, they thought it was about baseball
“look they are going to really send this book to test groups, i just wish you would write about something you know, like baseball, for christ sake has there even been a black serial killer?”
“Arrie i swear i have done tons of research on this project, i have really captured the mind of a killer.”
“Von i hope it’s good, my career is on the line.”

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