Said the fly to the spider

“Yes? Mr. Von Durheim?”
“I got your message to meet me here, would you like to come inside the office?”
“Sure, the heat reminds me of back home, just call me Jim i would just like to ask you a few questions?”inquired the sweating portly gentman whose fair complexion only served to intensify the perspiration.
“Jim what police office do you work for?”
“Oh i am not a cop i am an investigative reporter, and i am wondering if you could help me since YOU would notice anything out of the ordinary?”
“Why would i? notice, that is?”
“Because you are a writer, Mr.von durheim we both went to ole miss in the writing department, and your publisher says you are writing a novel about a serial killer, I thought this would interest you ” The plump southern man raised an eye brow which just caused sweat to re-route another tributary of fluid down his face..
“Oh no mr….Vaaarnado i mean jim
i would love to help.”

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