End of the Beginning

It feels like just yesterday… when it all began.

When we stepped in those doors, when we heard that bell ring.

New pencils, sharp with clean erasers.
New clothes, absent of stains and tears.
New schedules, still learning the perfect route.
New combos, just as forgetful as the last.
New classmates, as eager as you.
New teachers, their temper not yet revealed.

A new year.

A new life.

But as you go through the motions, everything begins to blend together.

One day, becomes the next.

One month, becomes the next.

And then you’re on break, way to early to be thinking about the end.

And then you go back, and just go though the motions, just like before.

But then, there it is, you approach the last few weeks.

Everything that you have come to known, is ending.

Everything you have gotten use to, is saying goodbye.

And it’s over.

Just like that…...

.......... and then it starts again…......

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