All Sides of the Equation

After Prandi hung up the phone, Jameson gave her a high-five.

“Way to go, Prandi! That was inspired!”

“Thanks, Jameson. It’s no big deal.”

“So tell me how Becca sounded. Was she depressed? Moping after me? Crying hysterically?”

“Well, she wasn’t crying, but this should give you some hope – she said, and I quote, you’re way sexier than Paul.”

Prandi giggled as the sight of Jameson’s jaw dropping.

After he’d recovered sufficiently, Jameson said, “That was some first-class acting from you, too, Prandi. Calling Paul a – what was it again?”

“A rugged, sexy, handsome man.”

Jameson’s eyebrows lifted. Prandi blushed violently.

Jameson decided to let this go for now. He was feeling too charitable towards his new friend to make her feel uncomfortable. But he realized he would have to tread carefully from now on and consider all sides of the equation.

Prandi was right – Paul had quite the reputation. And Jameson was not going to sit around and let him break Prandi’s heart, no matter what the cost.

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