New Goals

I have always striven to be beautiful, to be popular, to be thin, and to have the ideal boyfriend. It was my major goal in life.
But I met one boy who changed everything.
He’s in my class, 4”9’, Japanese, and only 12.
Life had been getting boring, so I started following him around from class to class, sometimes lunch. My new goal was to befriend him.
It worked, but I think I sort of scare him.
He’s young but a genius. He uses words too big for my mind to comprehend, and hates being judged by his appearance.
He doesn’t care about girls or popularity, although sometimes he claims he had a reputation for being cool before I started following him.
I know I’ve changed since then. Today I got home and turned out all of the lights. I didn’t want to be deceived by appearances. I sat down in the storage room. It seemed ugly, but it was an oasis in this weather.
Forgetting my diet I ate a bowl of chocolate pudding with cream and a candied strawberry. Afterwards, against my own rules, I fell asleep in broad day light.

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