Deep Home Danger

With 15 of his bravest warriors in tow, Mrab burst through the undergrowth.

As he pushed through a final leaf covering, his compound eyes were greeted by Faid’s head being torn in half as nightmarish jaws chewed onwards, down through the soldier’s slender thorax.

Drap was worse. His legs had been ripped from his body and all he could do was twitch and snap his mandibles as the life leaked from his battered form.

Mrab had no time to think about their pain, he’d never seen a beast of this type before. It had to be 20 times the length of his largest soldier. The twisting, coiling body had legs down its entire length and moved with lightning quickness. But that wasn’t his main worry…

It was the jaws. The jaws were massive, snapping viciously at his crew of over-matched Spartans.

Mrab was contemplating his attack plan just as Zord motioned behind the writhing monster. Two more goliaths had emerged East of the clearing.

He signaled Zord to warn Deep Home and prayed for his flank troops to arrive.

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