CherryPop and the Zombie Battle

“Liam…” I said softly, keeping my eyes on the closest zombie as it gurgled.

“I see them.” he replied tersely, slowly pulling his .357 out. The five of us stood close, facing outward. Mom began a low chant and I could feel the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She was raising a barrier. The zombies lurched closer and formed a ring around us. There had to be at least a dozen of them. But they were stupid. How were they clever enough to surround us? Zombies are usually just kill kill kill, munch munch munch.

Dad spread his arms wide, palms facing out and pushed his will outwards in an attempt to gain control of the hostile zombies. Liam froze in mid-aim. Not a flicker of his eye, not a flutter of his lashes. None of the others were affected.

“Uh, Dad?” He glanced at me and I flicked my eyes at Liam.

“Damn.” he said, and released his will. Liam finished taking aim, ready to fire.

“MURUS!” shouted my mother and a silver light sprung up from the ground, encircling us. She had bought us some time.

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