The best laid plans of mice and serial killers....

“OK, Pat if you called me away from work to ask me for money for the hunting trip,first let me so no i am not giving you money to go hang out in the woods with some white kids with guns, i grew up in mississippi.”Joked the dad.
“Angello it ain’t a joking matter.” His wife said softly.
“I can tell him mom; Dad janet is pregnant,and we are gettting married.”
The limo driver just turned and walked out the door.
“Mom what do i do?”
“Don’t worry Pat he’ll be back.”
After hours of driving around and beating the inside of the limo with a furious wrath usually reserved for the characters of his latest novel, he spied what he believed must be the hand of fate as he pulled over towards the curb.
“Hey janet”
Mr. Von Durheim?” she asked.
The killer smiled a reassuring smile and said, “could we talk for a minute? Hop in future daughter-in law”

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