The curtain call.

“Mom he has been driving for hours in the same circle”
“how do you know that?”
The computer mom.GPS, all the cabs in the city have it, see this dot? that is him and this is all his stops for three weeks and times.”
“Limo not cab”
“OK mom limo but i think i know where he’s going to be i’m gonna go talk to him”
“How do you know where he’ll be?”
“It says right here he goes to this same spot outside of town everynight.”
“Mom he is a black man and he drives a limo, duh.”
“Patrick Von durheim ARE YOU SAYING HE ’S CHEATING ?”
“No mom i am saying he smokes weed come on, are you sure you lived in the sixties?”
“Boy i’ll beat the brakes off you,he better come back here smelling like cheech and chong, or i’ll kill him.”
I am going mom i’ll meet him there.

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