Bases loaded.

“Maybe if i take this short cut here, i can get there before him.”
The boy parked the car and used his gps to walk the rest of the way to the spot he believed his dad relieved stress but all he found was a deep pit.
“Hey is there someone up there?”
“What are you doing in there and what is that smell?”
“Quick get something to pull me out hurry!”
The boy ran back to the car and the only thing he could find long enough to reach into the pit was a long hunting rifle.
“Pull kid.”
“I am you are too damn fat.”
Beep Beep The Gps went off .
“My dad is almost here he can help.”
“Hey kid Is your dad…..... Angello Von Durheim”
“How did you know that?”
The big man pulled the rifle from the boy and screamed.

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