His Mighty Steed

“Do you think we should drive our own vehicles in case one of us gets lucky?” Jameson asked, eyeing his Vespa.

“In case?” Paul retorted, climbing into his Dodge Ram.

Jameson felt a tinge of jealousy as he realized that Paul had never suffered the indignity of being turned down before. He always got exactly what he wanted.

“You know what,” Jameson said. “I’ll take my own ride.”

“You expect your date to hop on that at the end of the night?” Paul asked.

“Why not?” Jameson said in all seriousness. “Chicks love Vespas. I give girls rides around campus all the time.”

“It pains me to tell you,” Paul said, “but they just don’t wanna walk to class.”

Jameson mounted his mighty steed and gave his friend a defiant look. Helmet in place, he slammed down his visor and started the engine of his beloved red Vespa.

“It probably doesn’t matter anyway,” Paul said. “Both the ladies will be coming home with me anyways. You’re a sweet kid, Jameson, but you have a lot to learn.”

With that, the race to Chili’s began.

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