Werewolves Also Have Cake

“Watch out!” The woman yelled and pointed behind Angelo. In the darkness, two large figures skulked. The woman was clearly terrified.

Angelo quickly got to his feet and faced the dark figures. They appeared human in shape, although they seemed larger, around seven feet tall. “Now deary, you know you can’t run from your debt.” said the larger one, in a indistinct voice.

The woman’s eyes widened as she clutched her purse and tried to back away. Angelo shook himself. He was apparently dressed in his normal street clothes and trench coat, which meant—found it. He grinned as he was able to take out his high powered flashlight.

“Hey big guy! Why ya pickin’ on the lady, huh?” He hollered and shine his flashlight full blast on the figures head. The figure quickly blocked the light with its hand, but what Angelo saw startled him more than his awakening in this strange city.

He’s a freakin’ werewolf! Both of ‘em are._ The werewolf hissed as his partner charged Angelo.

Angelo had no time to react.

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