Where Am I (Out-of-Order Challenge)

“Bob! Bob, can you hear me?â€?

“Come on Bob! Can you hear me?â€? Hands clap in front of my face; the sound is distant but unmistakable. “Bob! Bob, wake up.â€? My eyes struggle open and see the blurry outline of a figure crouched in front of me.

My mouth opens to speak but nothing comes out. Trying to focus my vision I look beyond the figure. Glowing orange and bright white seem to surround me. Where am I? The words slur out as an unintelligible drool.

“Ok good. You’re going to be ok, just try not to move.â€? The figure puts a light hand on my shoulder, “hey, we got one over here. Hurry up with that stretcher.â€?

Darkness engulfs me as my eyelids fail to stay open. Searing pain begins to swell from my legs and I manage a scream. My hands instinctively race to the source.

“No!â€? My progress impeded by the figure grabbing my arms, pinning them to my sides. I’m too weak to fight back. More screams. “Hurry up with that stretcher!â€? The voice moves in closer to me, “you’re going to be alright. Just try not to move.â€?

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