I sighed. I looked in the mirror, and nearly had an aneurysm as I stared at my reflection. If the Grim Reaper and Bloody Mary could have had a kid, I’d be it.

I restrained myself from giving a squawk of disapproval, and stared at my tousled hair. It was tangled and matted. Courtesy of my boyfriend’s early morning visit.

I strode over to the window and slammed it shut.

Note to self: lock windows before bed.

Although, I had this feeling that even if I would, I’d be seeing him anyway.

I found myself worrying my head over Ryuuki’s family. Was the reason he’s always alone because his family treated him badly? Or, they were all…dead?
Suddenly, many scenarios were swooping through my head like crazed eagles.
I shook my head in disbelief, knowing that everything I was thinking was perfectly impossible.

I looked in the mirror again, and I had a streak of red across the bridge of my nose.

Oh, yeah… I reassured myself.

Haine, you are absolutely, hopelessly in love with a pervert! Congratulations!

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