Unexplained feelings of guilt

After coming to in the park, I dashed for home. In between hiding in hedges, stealing trash-can lids to cover my nether regions and skulking through storm drains, I kept on getting flashes of the oddest behaviour floating through my mind.

Kissing Aletta passionately as the moon seemed to pulse nearer and farther, nearer and farther…

Being stripped of my clothes by two old women, both of them mumbling “Comme ci, comme ca”...

Dancing naked around my cat in a circle with 6 paunchy business people, all copying Kitkat’s weird gyrations…

And in between this random insanity, like a mountain in the distance, I was continually aware of an overwhelmingly oppressive feeling of guilt.

What had I done that was so bizarre, so terrible, so insane that I could not bring myself to even remember it?

As I approached my house, it hit me, stopping me in my tracks. I stood still in the middle of the road, dropped my trashcan lids to the delight of a passing school bus, and remembered the screaming, the blood and the gore

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