Out-of-Order Challenge - Cadillac Decisions

June was having trouble making out which car was hers through the tears. It’s aways too dark in these parking garages and all the colors tend to dull.

The backpack she carried was heavy, full of money. Her split from the bank robbery she, Niles, and Jim had just pulled.

Her thoughts were running in circles.

Niles is dead. That guard. Why didn’t he just roll over like he was supposed to? Dammit! Niles!

By the time she found her Cadillac, the sobbs were getting loud. She tossed the backpack carelessly into the passenger seat.

Oh Niles. Why’d we have to do it? Why didn’t you just listen? I knew something would go wrong? Why’d you have to listen to Jim?

The keys jingled as she turned the ignition and she thought she heard sirens down the street.

Why did Jim have to be the one who stayed in the car?

Jim’s Plan

She looked out over the hood.

Fuckin’ Jim

Finally, one thought came through stronger than the others. Stronger than the sorrow.

“I’m gonna kill him.”

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