The Pillar - A Guided Tour

Relk found himself feeling strangely at home in an alien room.

But the light was different than the Pillar’s. And it didn’t seem to be coming from anywhere in particular. He felt air entering his lungs for the first time in over a day, but it too felt different.

The room had four walls, all black. Three were jagged and eratic in design, much like the ship’s exterior. The fourth was smooth, like a scissor blade. It was hard to tell the size of the room.

He recognized the room, but distantly.

Hello Tom. came a calm, easy voice in his mind.

The smooth surface rippled slightly and parted like curtains to reveal a woman. She was standing in a room that looked identical to his own. Her naked body was the same dark shade of gray as his.

But a warm smile.

“Who are you?” Tom said aloud, noticing the cold air in his throat.

The woman cocked her head to the side as if she had never heard anyone speak before.

In time, Tom. Let me show you around.

“What am I?”

In time.

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