Country drag queens

From the day that they were born as conjoined triplets, everyone knew that the Barnett brothers (well two brothers and a hermaphrodite – we still aren’t sure which is which) were definitely different.

After they were separated at age 12, they did not get nearly as much attention as they did before. Some people around town said that was the reason for their outlandish dress, and what was to follow.

They started dressing in girl’s clothing. At first in the privacy of their own home, and then increasingly they started flaunting themselves around town.

This culminated in the county fair of 1992, when they showed up in leather harnesses, afro wigs and hot pants, at age 35!

What had been harmless and funny before suddenly became an embarrassment to the whole town. The prevailing sentiment was that these ‘freaks’ were subjecting the whole state to their weirdness, and something had to be done!

That night, a group of young bucks saddled up their pick-up trucks, and went over to the Barnett’s for a reckoning…

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