The next day Drake, Nancy and I went break-up shopping. It was the one time, in every horrible breakup, where I could splurge on extremely slutty clothing and not care. Usually I am the only one to try stuff on (well, except for Drake…=]) but today Nancy came into the lingerie store and bought something.

“What you buying?” I asked. I was determined to figure out what she was keeping from me.

“Oh nothing, just you know, I am running out of undies,” she blushed.

“Oh? So why are you buying them here? Why aren’t you buying them at American eagle? Why Victoria Secret?” I question her. I could see every shade of red on her face in a matter of minutes. “I just don’t want to.” She murmured.

“Hey dolls, ready to go? Hey, how much stuff did you buy, Jane?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s not my stuff, it is her’s,” I said pointing at Nancy.

Why was she buying all this stuff, so suddenly? ... And for who?

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