Puzzles in the Castle in the Air

The darkness seemed tangible, and it was beginning to consume him. Jacques put his hand against the cool texture of the stone wall to steady himself.

Gabrielle began to cry softly somewhere off to his left, a tiny sound in the immense darkness. He extended his arms out in front of him and found her small hand in the darkness. She felt so cold and so small. Not the unshakable young magician he had met in a corridor only days before.

But there was something so familiar about this place.

It rested there, just on the edge of his memory. Something he had once known, but could no longer grasp. Something that had been dulled, eroded by his long years spent in the dungeon. Something that told him they were safe.

That they were supposed to be here.

Jacques closed his eyes and let go of Gabrielle’s hand. He stepped into what felt like the middle of the room, and the small stone chamber was instantly filled with an eerie blue light.

Suddenly, it all came flooding back.

It was a puzzle.

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