Deep Space Disaster: Surprise Attack

3 hours, 50 lbs of potatoes later…
Spuddy, looks like you’re my only friend; no one seems to understand me…


Come to have a rub-in session, Ollie?

No, we need all hands on deck! We’ve been attacked by pirates!


I see your ears are still working.

But there haven’t been pirates around since…

I know when the last freakin attack was. We need all freakin hands on the freakin deck, so put down your freakin potato and just freakin get up here.

Alright, don’t freak out on me Lars.

Just get up here, you nimrod.


Cozzie, what’s the status?

Well Cap’n, most of ‘em got away, but all inventory is accounted for.


We caught one. It’s…. it’s a…

It’s a what? Spit it out!

A ninja, sir.

A ninja pirate?! Are you joking?

No sir!

Well, this could be interesting. Ollie?


You have a knack for prying information, do you not?

I guess so, sir.

I want you to get some from our detainee.

Yes sir.

To be continued…

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